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Employee feedback is vital tool for anyone who wants to have an engaged and productive workforce.

According to our survey, 53% of leader think regular weekly feedback is very important and 33% think it's important. And they are right.

Considering, that only about 30% of employees in the USA are engaged, having a team like that is a enormous advantage over your competitors. You can conquer the tipping point of employee engagement with a little help from our infographic.

Employee feedback and engagement

Employee feedback

Employee feedback progress has 3 important parts that a leader should pay attention to:

  • Understanding what employee is doing – To give honest feedback on work you must have a very clear idea about what your team-members are doing. Tools like Weekdone help you with that by using a clear status reporting system. Easy to use status reporting system gives you the basics for giving good feedback.

  • Giving employees feedback – When managing companies or bigger departments, 1-on-1 meeting are just not an option. Luckily, employee feedback can be given with two sentences or with a simple pushing of the "Like" button that let's employees know that you are aware of what they are doing and you approve.

  • Receiving feedback – Important, and offer forgotten, part of employee feedback is giving them a chance to weight in. Employees often have a lot of ideas on how you and your company can help each other to do their work.

Thanks to Weekdone you can give and receive weekly employee feedback with only couple of minutes. Every week, when employees send in their status report, the manager can recognize people the same way he recognizes people on social media: by liking their items or commenting them.

If you want to know what your team is doing and give them instant employee feedback, try Weekdone.