To Manage or not to Manage a Team? [Infographic]

Managing a team is hard. It’s even harder to find good managers who can handle all the leadership challenges. The bigger the team, the bigger the problem. In Weekdone we believe that good managers set the right goals, make sure communication in a team is as good as possible and follow team goals every week. There are of course many more techniques a manager needs to know and implement.

Search for a superhero.

It’s vital for companies to invest in good managers. If you find some, make sure to keep them around. Companies that have more good managers tend to have twice as many engaged employees and 147% higher earnings per share. Engaged employees are a value on their own as well. Motivated employees work more and have an increased productivity level. Not to mention that disengaged employees cost economy $300 billion a year.

Right goals for a company, a team and a manager.

Engagement automatically increases when employees understand what they must do and why it’s important. We use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for that.

It’s easy to forget that employees, doing their day to day jobs, dealing with all the small mundane tasks, don’t have access to this big picture. The benefits of OKR methodology is just that: to make sure everyone knows what they are expected to do and why. OKRs, on a personal, team. and company level make up a system that shows how everything one person does connects to the work of others. If an employee knows that not meeting his goals makes achievements harder for people in other departments, they will want to try harder.

Use an internal communication system.

Only half of US employees think that their employer is open and upfront with them. And if they think so, why should they commit to their work? But this is not the only reason, you should, as leader be as transparent as possible. Transparency helps you identify key issues and make decisions faster. It’s useful for both the management and employees.

Use Weekdone to set your OKRs and increase your transparency. And look at the infographic for more reasons one should manage their team.