Teaching How to Grow with OKRs

Every day at Weekdone, we spend a lot of time answering people’s questions on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). What can we say? People are genuinely interested on how to use this framework. We’re happy to help. We are positively overwhelmed by the interest and enthusiasm people show for setting more meaningful quarterly goals.

Some of the Weekdone’s OKRs specialists.

That is also the reason why we put together the OKR FAQ.  It is a site that should help everyone get answers to basic questions on OKRs. Questions like: “What are OKRs?” and “How should OKRs be reviewed?”. In addition to giving you the basics, the site also gives practical examples and directs you to other resources for further study on the topic. The questions there are some of the most common and interesting ones we get every day. However, if you feel it’s missing something, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you out.

Check out the OKR FAQ now.

The reason for the rising popularity of OKRs is easy to understand. Simplicity. But also it’s the level of transparency OKRs provide that is unparalleled. It gives everyone a chance to understand what others are doing, what they are focusing on and how their work affects the work of others. Although the main idea of this approach is for leaders to track productivity, the benefits it provides for employees are equally effective and powerful.

OKRs and Weekdone.

Weekdone had been offering weekly planning and performance management for a year, when many users started asking: could we start using Weekdone to manage long-term objectives as well? It was a great idea so Weekdone incorporated OKR into the app. We can see that combining these two methodologies yielded marvelous results. The interest in goal setting has been rising rapidly over the last year and every week more companies from small three-person teams to Fortune 500 companies want to try it. And for a good reason.

Weekdone is, in its core, an app that helps you get work done. By combining OKRs with weekly planning, we make sure that all the important tasks you do every day move you towards achieving your KRs. Weekdone is progress monitoring made easy.


What is OKR?

OKR is a goal-setting methodology

What’s the difference between OKR and MBO?

OKRs are meant for teams and organizations to facilitate growth, improvement, and alignment while MBO helps you evaluate employees’ performance. OKR is an outcome-driven framework that guides teams to think about the results they need to achieve whereas MBO is typically focused on clearly defining goals that are agreed to by both management and employees.