Weekdone Product Development PPP – April 2014

Time marches on and Weekdone get’s better every day. That’s at least what you, our customers tell us more and more often. That always makes us happy, to see you enjoying the product. Hand in hand with you we tune and build to give you more value and less friction in your status reporting, team management and collaboration.

Since we have not done our public PPP updates for a while, here’s a list of all the major things that have been launched during last months.

Progress – new features and improvements

  • Android mobile app released – at last! (read blog post)
  • Basecamp reporting and todo imports (read blog post)
  • Allow ordering of template categories via drag and drop in template settings
  • Clickable RAG (red-amber-green) stars in front of items to flag, prioritize and group them
  • Special one-click Asana weekly dashboard service (read blog post)
  • Asana import improvements. Allow import of only items tagged “weekdone”. Better Asana Connect flow.
  • Customized PDF reports: choose to show comments, weekly reviews and/or objectives
  • Team PDF reports by tags and categories available in respective report views
  • Personal PDF report download available in person’s view
  • Multi-language support with Spanish, French, Russian and Estonian beta texts live – will be improving them over time
  • Ability to customize happiness and satisfaction question text
  • Google+ login – connect it under your profile
  • Google contacts import for inviting members
  • Replies to e-mail notifications now go to originator e-mail
  • People bargraphs dashboard and report e-mails now shows team name sub-headings
  • Ability to archive old objectives and see them later
  • Show a red triangle badge when user has not submitted their report
  • Example User gets auto-deleted after 7 days
  • Notify users of managers and team leaders Buzz broadcast items
  • Allow owners to delete and edit their Buzz items
  • “Load more” button at the end of Buzz to see older items
  • Remind manager when removing a person from team, their old items stay in old team reports
  • Year, quarter, month report views items now have time sub-headings for better grouping
  • Improved dashboard problems and overdue graph click links
  • Credit card payments now processed on Weekdone page, with new invoicing system
  • Lot of usability and design improvements
  • Lot of under the hood back-end improvements to increase reliability
Like you can see, we have been busy. These have been just the major things, there have been tens of smaller improvements that you might have already noticed.

Plans – what are we working on next

  • Google Apps SSO (Single Sign-On) and other enterprise SSO systems like Ping. Allow user account management from a central SSO database.
  • Improve Objectives, both styling as well as item-objective linking
  • Improve Weekly Review possibilities
  • Allow team conversations
  • Rethink Buzz and whole messaging and conversations between team members and managers
  • Subscribe to daily Buzz news via e-mail
  • Dashboard customization
  • Show a better Asana dashboard inside Weekdone
  • More customizable templates with multi-field form items or other input types
  • New imports: Salesforce, Zapier and others
  • Continuous improvement of mobile apps
  • Design, usability and reliability improvements to keep Weekdone simple, quick and easy to understand
What would you like to see improved or added next? Let us know in comments or at hello@weekdone.com. We love your feedback!