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Veli is Weekdone co-founder — designer & UX/UI developer with 10 years experience in startups, agency work and freelance. Follow our design team doings on Dribbble

WorkAwesome, the blog dedicated to tips about working and living better, brings us a nice checklist to getting things done: Use Your Motivated Time Wisely Turn Off Your Email Notifications Take Breaks Break Big, General Tasks Into Small, Specific Pieces... Continue reading

We all have a hard time with planning sometimes, so it helps to keep a similar checklist in mind. Dumb Little Man (a blog giving tips on life) gives us this wonderful list on the theme, with an easy list... Continue reading

Leo Babauta from Zen Habits brings us a great list of 9 items that help make a simpler day. Know What's Important. The simple version of simplifying is "Identify what's important, and eliminate the rest". Limit Tasks. Each morning, list... Continue reading