Achieving Goals While Having Fun (for Gamers)

If you are an occasional gamer, you might have inadvertently used and enjoyed the benefits of OKRs without even realizing it.

How to navigate Weekdone

The principles of grouping are a set of principles in psychology to account for the observation that humans naturally perceive objects as organized patterns

RAG+B Traffic Light Rating System

The RAG rating system can sometimes fall short if you need more categories of measurement. Because of this, Weekdone introduced the "blue" variable.

A Free Pocket Productivity Notebook by Weekdone

This productivity notebook is your guide to achieving more by doing less. And the best part is that it is completely free! Download your copy today.

Freebie: Better Looking Google Chart Styles

A plug-and-play set of chart styles, based on Google Material Design. The styles can be copied to your existing projects, replacing the default options values.

Quick update: Done app

From just your weekly item lists, DONE has been transformed into a beautiful project-based todo manager.

Autolike bookmarklet [not intended for serious use]

Use the bookmarklet with caution, as it can easily overflow the buzz feed, as the liked items will be shown first.

Productivity 101 for designers

Designers are a special breed of people, but they are not immune to wasting time or losing their focus. Below is a list for designers to be more productive.

Weekdone adds emoji 😎 support

We released the custom emoji picker for all Weekdone users. Look for a smiley-face icon to the right of adding new items, underneath your weekly review.

Weekdone for Windows 10

Working on everywhere with Windows 10 (phones, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs, Xbox One) you can now download the Weekdone apps.