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Veli is Weekdone co-founder — designer & UX/UI developer with 10 years experience in startups, agency work and freelance. Follow our design team doings on Dribbble

Since introducing the Objectives feature at Weekdone, the Design team has been tasked to "Constantly improve our User Experience and visual identity". You have said what you think (thanks to everyone actively giving us feedback!) and we have listened. You wanted... Continue reading

Happy Halloween to everyone! Wallace, our moustached mascot agreed to wear a seasonal costume in celebration of the holiday (call it Halloween, Samhain or just Saturday). Click on the image to download the desktop wallpaper (1920 x 1200): Or download... Continue reading

Everyone has them. Days spent staring at the computer screen, drinking cup after cup of coffee, struggling to get any work done. There are several common causes – procrastination, tiredness – all of which can be easily solved. Here are... Continue reading