Mobile app based on Weekdone API – Done

t. We call it "Done", because a simple name suits a simple (but by no means a simplistic) app.

RAG Rating in Project Management and Status Reports

RAG ratings are a popular project management method for rating issues or status reports. Look here for how to use RAG ratings in your own organization.

Android weekly reporting kit

Weekdone for Android brings you the core functionality of Weekdone, with some great platform-specific additions.

New stuff: browser add-ons and more flexibility

We take this productivity stuff seriously. So here's an update of new possibilities at Weekdone.

4 Effective KEYS to Time Management

Learn the 4 effective keys to time management and get back control of your day.

Business toolkit in your pocket

If your team needs constant reminders to fill out their weekly reports, tell them to download the Weekdone app.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to everyone! Wallace, our moustached mascot agreed to wear a seasonal costume in celebration of the holiday. Download the wallpaper.

Weekdone Bags Design Award, Brings Team Management to Visual Age

Last week, Weekdone’s design won the top prize at Estonian Design Awards in the internet applications category.

Weekdone takes home Estonian design award

Weekdone has been selected as the winner of ADC*Estonia's 2013 design awards in the "Web Design – Applications" category.

Take Weekdone offline with printed PDF reports

Now all Weekdone reports can be exported in a nice PDF format. Use them for offline reading or during meetings.