Top 5 OKR Software + Slack Integration to Streamline Communication

OKR software + Slack Comparison

While business apps have become more pervasive in the modern workplace, multitasking and switching between multiple applications, tools, and platforms becomes counterproductive. To streamline communication and collaboration processes, many enterprises are now integrating existing applications (e.g., Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, Asana, and Google Tasks) with different solutions such as OKR software, workflow management, project management, and other collaboration tools.

With 43.1 million monthly active users (MAU), the Slack app is one of the most preferred  tools for communication and coordination of daily work. Enterprises are integrating OKR software and Slack to maintain the focus on key priorities, ensure higher productivity, improve performance, and encourage engagement.

Integrating Slack with OKR Software?

Before comparing the best OKR Software with Slack App integrations, it’s important to consider how OKR software and Slack integrations can address real-world challenges, the objectives, and the value they deliver – the “why, how, what” of OKR software + Slack integration.

Objectives – Why?Benefits – What?Features – How?
Stay up to date & track progress of everyone with transparency across the whole organization – bridging the communication gapUpdate OKRs directly from Slack, share weekly team updates on the internal messaging channel and get timely notification reminders when someone interacts with your OKRs.

Publish progress of OKRs through Slack to ensure OKR alignment. Make OKRs easily accessible to all team members, facilitation regular interaction between managers and employees.

Create Slack channels of your company and news feeds for your team. Start discussions on Slack and record and finalize them inside the OKR software to keep discussions aligned with the progress.
Directly via Slack:

– View and update OKRs with Weekly Check-Ins

– Stay up to date on the progress through real-time tracking

– Create news feeds and channels
Stay focused on Objectives & get instant OKR updates to take timely action Team members can receive instant updates about the Key Results for specific Objectives via Slack, without having to wait for emails from managers. Clarifications on OKRs can be easily addressed and collaboration with managers and peers can be continued on private channels.
Through Slack notifications and smart alerts, team members can proactively address anything needing attention in order to stay focused on achieving OKRs.
Get contextual reminders that prompt action on tasks, keeping continuous track of performance.
Receive via Slack:

– Instant OKR updates
– Smart alerts
– Action notifications
– Contextual reminders
Get real-time insights through feedbackAn integral aspect of creating a performance-driven culture is by receiving or giving feedback.
Using a conversational approach with Slack, feedback from employees can provide real-time insights into the organizational culture, drive employee engagement, create team spirit, and strengthen commitment.

Create a channel to share feedback

In short, this powerful combination OKR software and Slack helps:

  • enables teams to organize and prioritize their tasks,
  • stay up to date on the progress,
  • coordinate and communicate in a conversational manner to get everyday work done,
  • take timely action on tasks that need to be addressed,
  • and to stay aligned and focused on Objectives.

While many solution providers offer OKR software integration with tools such as Slack, let’s look at some of the best OKR software integrations with the Slack App available in the industry.

The 5 Best OKR Software and Slack Integrations: Comparison

When comparing the best OKR software integrations with the Slack App, we share the following:

  • Features of the OKR software that can help you derive maximum value,
  • Benefits you can gain from integration,
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to integrate the OKR software and Slack.

1. Weekdone

About Weekdone OKR Software and Slack Integration

With Weekdone’s integration with Slack, you can manage your goals, track weekly progress, and stay informed about important team updates directly from Weekdone. To gain visibility into your goals and manage them, you can get updates from the Slack channel. You can also post weekly updates directly from Slack and get notified when anyone interacts with your OKRs or assigns, comments, or likes an item in Weekdone.

Key Benefits of Integrating Weekdone OKR Software and Slack

  • Stay up to date with notifications about when any team member adds plans or updates their OKRs.
  • Reduce context switching and improve productivity by adding comments to give context to the status of your plans and OKRs.
  • Update your Weekdone report from Slack or a message to never miss giving or receiving an important update.
  • Stay up to date with activities connected with your OKR status (e.g., likes, upvotes, comments) through personalized Slack messages.
  • Create a newsfeed on your company Slack channel and start discussions in Weekdone to keep your discussions aligned with your progress.

How to Integrate Weekdone OKR Software + Slack

Without leaving Slack, you can access and review your OKRs and Weekly Check-ins, and get notified when team members update their OKRs or plans. To understand how you can integrate Weekdone with Slack, here’s a step-by-step guide.


About OKR Software and Slack Integration’s OKR software integration with Slack allows you to connect and coordinate on multiple applications and platforms with a single log-in. It provides automatic updates making it easier to track data and important metrics from the platform, reducing the difficulty of switching between applications and platforms. With this integration, check-ins done from Slack will be reflected in the account.

Key Benefits of Integrating OKR Software and Slack 

  • Communicate, coordinate, and collaborate with team members in real-time, while checking in key results from in Slack
  • Access and Slack at any time and from anywhere and with secured cloud storage you don’t have to switch between platforms
  • Track status, conduct check-ins, and comment directly from Slack 
  • Get notifications from in Slack (e.g., notifications about tasks, pending reviews, check-ins, and mentions) 

How to Integrate OKR Software + Slack  

To check your key results and receive notifications within Slack, and to understand how you can integrate Slack with, check out this video or read these instructions.


About Ally OKR Software and Slack Integration

Ally’s OKR software integration with Slack is easy and enables teams to add, update, and share OKRs and key results without having to switch between applications. With a one-click setup, you can easily add to Slack, and get real-time updates and timely reminders to track and manage OKRs. Through notifications and updates, Ally’s Slack integration helps keep teams engaged and focused, and gives clarity about the progress.

Key Benefits of Integrating Ally OKR Software and Slack

  • Connect with Slack instantly using a one-click setup
  • Without leaving Slack, manage your team and individual OKRs easily
  • Stay informed on the progress of teams and individuals
  • Collaborate with team members and managers on private channels

How to Integrate Ally OKR Software + Slack 

Linking the Slack workspace with Ally is easy with a single click. After linking to Slack, all team members can view, update, or add their OKRs using Ally’s Slackbot. Find out how to integrate Ally with Slack or get to know more about Ally Slackbot.

4. Huminos

About huminos OKR Software and Slack Integration

huminos’s OKR software integration with Slack enables team members to view their OKRs, update progress, provide responses to surveys, and sends timely contextual reminders for users to take action on pending tasks. Users can request and share feedback from their peers and managers in real-time, directly via Slack. They can also share and seek inputs about OKRs accomplished with anyone on the team.

Key Benefits of Integrating huminos OKR Software and Slack

  • Helps users to take important action by sending nudges or contextual reminders. Interaction with the chatbot helps take action easier such as viewing OKRs, tracking the progress of check-ins, and sharing feedback.
  • Improve engagement and build connections with the Meetup bot that helps team members connect via direct messages on Slack, set up one-on-one meetings, and capture meeting notes.
  • As an internal ticketing and issue tracking system on Slack, the Helpdesk bot automates answers to frequently asked questions and uses a flexible workflow system to assign queries to agents for resolution directly through Slack messages.
  • Request, view, and share feedback from the Slackbot on several aspects such as check-ins, work accomplished, end-of-cycle updates, and feedback to/from the manager and peers.

How to Integrate huminos OKR Software + Slack 

Administrators on the huminos platform can install the app for users in Slack. On successful integration, users can view the huminos bot in the App section. Get to know how to activate and manage Slack integration.

5. Peoplebox

About Peoplebox OKR Software + Slack Integration

Peoplebox’s OKR software integration with Slack facilitates better communication between team members and helps keep track of meetings without having to switch between applications. Through Slack, users receive notifications about weekly check-ins, goals, and one-on-one meetings scheduled, they can access and update OKRs easily and stay informed about the updates made towards objectives.

Key Benefits of Integrating Peoplebox OKR Software and Slack

  • The setup to integrate Slack is simple and easy.
  • With a single sign-in, you can access all important updates in Slack.
  • Receiving regular reminders reduces the number of follow-ups required.
  • Notifications about weekly check-ins help maintain focus on achieving OKRs.
  • Progress visibility and real-time tracking helps in OKR and goal alignment.

How to Integrate Peoplebox OKR Software + Slack 

Integrating Peoplebox and Slack is simple and easy. Once integrated for any one feature, other features will automatically be integrated as well. Learn how you can integrate Slack with Peoplebox.

The Bottom Line

Technology continues to be the driving force behind revolutionizing the way employees communicate, coordinate, and collaborate. When adapting to an ever-evolving environment of remote and hybrid work, enterprises have had to adopt multiple software applications to ensure better communication amongst teams and seamless collaboration towards shared goals and objectives.

As more emphasis is placed on productivity and performance, and there’s increasing pressure to be “on task, on track, on time” – every time, integration of tools, applications, and platforms is one of the best ways forward.

When the majority of the workforce continues to work remotely or from home, connecting with team members and staying updated about their plans, progress, and problems, is important. Integrating Weekdone OKR software and Slack helps streamline communication and collaboration between team members and allows users to view and update OKRs and weekly check-ins, while also receiving notifications when team members add or update plans and OKRs. You can achieve all this and more without leaving Slack!