Chris Cancialosi: Company Culture is Dependent on the Collective

Although most leaders realize company culture has a significant impact, I am not convinced that most understand how they can be intentional about shaping it

What Your Employees Want and Why Should You Care [Infographic]

It might seem more logical to think about what consumers or shareholder want, but it's the employees who decide if your company succeeds or fails.

CEO Andre Lavoie: Talent Alignment and Why You Need it

Determine your business goals, so you can use talent alignment accordingly. You need to determine what competencies you value at an position-specific level.

Brad Blevins: Leaders Ensure a Workplace Free from Mediocrity and Morons

We did an interview with Brad Blevins, a former US Army Soldier and a Organizational Strategy Advisor for leaders from gothamCulture.

Fighting the Employee Burnout [Infographic]

We live in a world where work must be done fast and with no regard to our health. High stress leads to burnout and that is a problem no company can ignore.

The Most Extraordinary People: Leaders

What are leadership skills? Being a leader requires devotion and humbleness. Here, we address what an ideal leader should be in 2019.

Sujan Patel: Growth Marketing is About Implementing Testable Ideas

We did an interview with Sujan Patel, VP of Marketing at When I Work, a SaaS product for small businesses.

How Managers Steer the Company to its Goals

I'm talking about managers making every member of the crew working together towards a common goals. Or as we call it: team work.

Murray Newlands: How to Develop a Working Startup Business Model

An interview with business advisor Murray Newlands,. He talks about getting startup business models, funding, common mistakes and overcoming them

Setting SMART Goals to Achieve Success [infographic]

SMART goals should be the foundation of every business plan. See our SMART goals infographic and improve your goal setting process.