Archive Your Teams in Weekdone

Archive a team to easily hide an old, unused team from current views, but keep its historical OKR data in your account.

Introducing auto-update for KPIs, KRs, and Initiatives

New! Connect Weekdone to thousands of external data sources to keep your KPI, Key Result and Initiative numbers updated automatically.

Add standalone Initiatives and see all in one place

New! Initiatives View to see all your Initiatives in one place, and more flexibility in Weekdone with standalone Initiatives.

10 Tips on How to Run a Team Meeting

It has been close to 10 years since Weekdone started providing teams like yours with world leading OKR software. And now […]

Visualize status with KPIs

Weekdone introduces a new feature: KPIs. Learn how to input Key Performance Indicators into Weekdone to add numeric metrics to your OKRs.

Introducing Initiatives for OKRs

Objectives, Key Results, and...newly added, Initiatives! Setting quality OKRs has never been more clear with our new Initiatives feature.

Pareto analysis for getting things done

Ever felt the urge to be less busy so you could start getting things done? Well, you need start from correct planning and Pareto analysis is the first step.

Questions to Ask Your Employees

The ultimate guide to top questions to ask your employees in various situations, whether it is a 1:1, as a new manager, during a review & more!

Interview with Felipe Castro, OKR Coach

Our interview with one of the best OKR coaches in the world, Felipe Castro. Learn how you too can set OKRs like a pro.

Happy 5th Birthday, Weekdone!

Weekdone is the best way to know what your team is doing and planning. Happy customers on all continents are the proof. Thank you all!