15 Best Team Task Management Software

Only 2.5 percent of companies complete their projects. If your company isn’t part of that 2.5 percent but you’re eager to get there, using the right team task management software could make all the difference.

team task management software
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Read on to learn more about the benefits of this kind of software. In addition, we’ll cover the best team task management software options on the market today. These are softwares you need to use in addition to work productivity apps like PDF editors and Google docs.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Use Team Task Management Software?

Using a team task management software is beneficial to both managers and the people they manage. The following are some of the greatest advantages that come with using this kind of technology:

  • Centralize activity and eliminate the need to toggle back and forth between different apps or remember lots of passwords
  • Encourage teamwork and collaboration by simplifying communication between workers (this is especially helpful when you’re managing a remote team)
  • Simplify the act of prioritizing tasks and ensure everyone is on the same page about what to focus on first
  • Keep track of deadlines and time requirements for multiple workers at once

How to Choose a Team Task Management Tool?

There are plenty of project managers and supervisors who are making use of task management software. At the same time, though, many are hesitant to hop on board this train.

Managers who fall into this category might assume that they, as well as the folks they oversee, can get by just fine with granular approaches like writing down checklists on a piece of paper or using their own personal task management apps. When everyone is left to their own devices, though, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks. This method also makes it harder to get a high-level overview of what everyone is doing and how projects as a whole are coming along. When this is the case, it’s easy to fall behind and end up with projects that are completed late or done incorrectly

Our Top 15 Picks

Team Compass

Pricing: $29/month


Pricing: $8 per user/month


Pricing: $10.99 per user/month


Pricing: $7 per user/month

Toggl Plan

Pricing: $8 per user/month


Pricing: $2.99 per user/month


Pricing: Free for 10 boards


Pricing: $9 per user/month


Pricing: $6.25 per user/month


Pricing: $4/month


Pricing: $45/month

HubSpot Task Management

Pricing: €41 per user/month


Pricing: $6 per user/month


Pricing: $0/month for up to 10 users


Pricing: $99/month

1. Team Compass


Description: Team Compass (also known as TC) makes it easier than ever for team managers to set structured goals for their employees and align a variety of activities throughout the company. Basically, it provides managers with an easy-to-use dashboard that lets them track weekly progress and provide feedback to team members as a whole and on an individual basis.

Some of TC’s most beneficial features include percent-complete tracking, weekly planning tools, and simple visuals that allow for easy and consistent status reporting. Managers can also use TC alongside other team and project management apps, too. It pairs with apps like Slack, Asana, and Google Tasks, and more.

Team Compass makes team collaboration and communication a breeze, too. Using this software, managers can easily conduct weekly reviews to check in on their teams (as well as individual employees). This allows them to provide recognition for jobs well done, answer questions, and make sure everything is happening according to schedule.

Our take: Since it is our product we are inevitably going to be looked as biased with good reasons. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t have created this product if it didn’t serve its purpose. Using it everyday is easy, it won’t make you waste your time yet keeps teams connected, employees engaged and managers informed.

Pricing: starts at $29/month for everyone.

1. Simple yet elegant UI1. No Kahn board feature
2. Advanced features such as status reporting and tracking
3. Easy to integrate with other tools

2. Monday

monday team task management software

Description: Monday is an intuitive task management software designed to encourage team collaboration and help them complete tasks faster. It allows for easy onboarding and is very flexible, so it helps managers to set priorities and allocate tasks in a way that makes the most sense for them.

Some of the productivity features that monday.com offers include dashboards, a calendar view, various automation options, and due date notifications. It also allows managers and other app users to create subtasks to divide projects into more manageable chunks. It offers percent-complete tracking, too, to keep users motivated and help them see how much work they have left to do until a project is finished.

Our take: What I liked most about Monday when testing it was the wide variety of different features. It didn’t confuse me because the UI was simple and intuitive.

Pricing: Monday comes with a free trial, and paid plans start at $8 per user per month.

1. Easy to divide project1. Confusing pricing and plans
2. Percent-based tracking2. Bad navigation options
3. Good for onboarding

3. Asana

asana team task management software

Description: Asana is a well-known task management app that is used in offices throughout the country (and the world). Asana is known for being easy to manage and simplifies the task management process for teams that want to keep everything in one place.

This software is especially useful when it comes to managing team communications. It provides a central location for sending messages back and forth and minimizes the need to keep track of several different email threads and chat windows.

One of Asana’s most beloved features is its collaboration tools. It comes with the option to choose between several different views, including Gantt or Timeline view, Task-Board view, and To-Do List view.

Our take: In my opinion one of the simplest and prettiest team task management software options out there. Nothing else to say..

Pricing: Asana comes with a free option. There’s also an upgraded model that starts at $10.99 per user per month.

1. Simple to use1. Bad for graphics-intensive work
2. Central communication option
3. Comes with a free option

4. Project.co

project.co team task management software

Description: Project.co is a client-facing task management app. It allows your team to connect with your clients so they can share information in one location. Project.co lets users set up work as separate projects with individual discussion feeds, notes, tasks, and payments. It also makes it easy for them to track the amount of time they spend working on each individual project.

Some other noteworthy features Project.co has to offer to users include easy adding of internal and external users, as well as a variety of task views. It features many different reporting tools, too, and can integrate easily and securely with payment solutions.

Our take: I found it to be specifically great when used with “clients”. For internal task management, I would prefer something ewlse.

Pricing: Project.co is free for up to five internal users and five active projects. Paid options start at $7 per user per month.

1. Offers a free version1. No dashboard color options
2. Client portal available2. No portfolio or budget management
3. Time & Expense tracking

5. Toggl Plan

toggl plan team task management software

Description: Toggl Plan helps team managers delegate tasks. It also provides simple visuals to help you see which projects are finished and which ones are not. It’s especially useful for teams that collaborate with other teams.

Some of Toggl Plan’s best features include the Gantt-chart visualization option which makes deadline and project tracking easier. It promotes easy team collaboration as well, with shared calendars and task notes.

Our take: I think Toggl Plan is just a create tool for managing your timely tasks and for seeing the priorities clearly. Many features and a beautiful UI.

Pricing: Toggl Plan is free for up to five team members. Those five are able to use it to manage unlimited projects. The premium plan starts at $8 per user per month.

1. Good price1. Few learning materials
2. Good for visualising goals and milestones2. Bad integration with other software
3. User-friendly UI

6. nTask

ntask team task management software

Description: nTask is good for managers and for individual projects. This flexible software allows users to keep track of several projects at once.

nTask also allows users to define team leaders’ roles, clarify budgets, and keep track of milestones with ease. It comes with an interactive Gantt Chart feature that is useful for project managers with more advanced needs, too.

Some of the key features that nTask has to offer users include powerful in-app collaboration, integration with other apps like Slack, and resource management tools. Managers can also use nTask to invite stakeholders to check in on ongoing projects and monitor their progress.

Our take: I think that with nTask, you get what you paid for. They promise you a good overview of different projects simultaneously and that they totally deliver. Integrations are a nice touch too.

Pricing: The free, Basic version of nTask is available to teams of up to five members and provides access to basic task management features. For all features, including Gantt Charts, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan, which starts at $2.99 per user per month.

1. Many features1. Poor customer support
2. Integration with other apps2. Poor customization options

7. Trello

trello team task management software

Description: Trello is a great option to consider for team communication. Trello features different boards that represent various workflow stages. It lets users drag and drop personal and professional projects to these boards to keep track of where everyone is and monitor when projects are completed.

Trello allows for easy customization, so managers and team members can label boards as they see fit and divide projects up into the categories that make the most sense for them. Another useful feature that Trello provides is templates for those who don’t want to handle the customization process themselves. These templates are available for a wide range of projects, and there’s something for almost everyone.

Our take: Do I even need to explain Trello? It is not only one of the simplest and most straight forward but also one of the most useful team task management software for all types of teams regardless of their size.

Pricing: Trello is available as a free app that comes with unlimited personal boards and 10 team boards. Paid plans for access to additional boards start at $9.99 per user per month.

1. Easy and wide customization options1. Not suitable for big projects
2. Free for 10 team boards and unlimited personal boards2. Limited storage

8. Teamwork

teamwork team task management software

Description: Teamwork is known for being a good app for team managers handling remote teams. It allows team members to set status updates that alert their colleagues and managers to their schedules. These status updates also help managers keep track of what their workers are doing and whether or not they’re on-task.

Teamwork features Gantt charts, private messaging options, and the option to customize navigation. It offers customer service functions, too. This includes options to assign tickets and view customer emails to ensure everyone is satisfied and being taken care of in the most efficient way possible.

Our take: I found it to be pretty useful overall. In addition to the typical project management you also have access to emails and different collaboration features to streamline your communication.

Pricing: Teamwork is free for teams of up to five users. From there, paid plans start at $9 per user per month.

1. Private messaging feature1. Bad integrations with other software
2. Option to assign tickets and view customer emails2. Little customization possibilities

9. ActiveCollab

activecollab team task management software

Description: ActiveCollab makes it easy for team managers and workers to create tasks and organize all aspects of their work life. It’s designed to help users establish priorities, collaborate with one another, and stay focused on what’s most important. Users can keep track of updates in real-time using ActiveCollab, too, and it allows for easy time tracking and automatic rescheduling.

Some of ActiveCollab’s other features include recurring task management, the option to create subtasks, and percent-complete tracking. It allows for various project views, too, including Gantt charts, to-do list views, and task board views.

Our take: I found the features to be plentiful. The UI had some of its issues but overall a great tool for collaboration and team management.

Pricing: One of ActiveCollab’s biggest drawbacks is that it does not come with a free version, nor is there a free trial available. Prices start at $6.25 per user per month.

1. Good system for setting priorities1. No ability to make several assignees
2. Easy time tracking2. Bad search functionality
3. Automatic scheduling3. Bad integrations with other software

10. Todoist

Todoist task management software general view

Description: Todoist is beautifully designed, simple to get started and intuitive to use. You can see what’s most important by setting visual task priority levels in your to-do list.

Our take: Todoist offers great user experience. I found it tremendously easy to get started and the small details like remainders and deadlines were beautifully executed.

Pricing: Todoist cheapest plan is free, priced plans start from €4 per month.

1. Simple interface1. Lacks some in integration
2. Low cost2. No Kanban features

11. ProofHub

Proofhub software project tasks view

Description: ProofHub puts every tool that teams, managers and clients need to get work done together and faster, at one place. It can help teams to be on the same page while keeping everyone in the loop in real-time. ProofHub’s interface is easy-to-understand and intuitive. So, everyone’s onboarding will be easier too. 

Our take: What I like most about ProofHub is that the divide between different projects is clear. You can have one project with one client without ever interfering with another one.

Pricing: ProofHub offers a free trial, plans start from $45 per month.

1. Good pricing model1. Clunky interface
2. Low learning curve2. Too many notifications

12. HubSpot Task Management

Hubspot software tasks dashboard

Description: Store, track, manage, and report on the tasks and activities that make up your relationships with customers and streamline your sales process. HubSpot’s tasks dashboard gives you a personalized command center with all your tasks, meetings, and contact details in one place.

Our take: I tried HubSpot as a tool for both task management and client collaboration and I have to say they have executes both of those things pretty well. The only problem that I stumbled upon was the limited functionality on mobile devices..

Pricing: HubSpot’s pricing starts at €41 per month.

1. Good reporting features1. Low mobile functionality
2. Great for email automation2. Too few customization options

13. Flow

Flow software projects tab

Description: Flow is modern task and project management software for teams. It brings together your tasks, projects, timelines, and conversations, and integrates with your favorite tools, to help you achieve more.

Our take: I think Flow is a good tool to use if you haven’t really used team task management tools before that much. It is a rather simple tool with enough good features and relatively good price.

Pricing: Flow’s pricing starts at $6 per user per month, the first 3 months are free.

1. Transparent1. No refund policy
2. Good pricing2. Limited accessibility on mobile

14. Chanty

Chanty software tasks view

Description: Create new tasks from scratch or turn any message into a task to enjoy a smarter collaboration with your deadline-driven team.

Our take: Plenty of different features Chanty has. I mostly liked the way they have executed the notification system so that they would not interfere too much with your work.

Pricing: Chanty’s pricing starts at $0 with up to 10 members.

1. Good notifications1. Uptime is not 100%
2. Quick app

15. Basecamp

Basecamp software main dashboard

Description: Basecamp is a team task management software that lets people manage their work together and communicate with the team. Use it to keep track of all the tasks, deadlines, files and announcements that happen around work.

Our take: The great thing about Basecamp is the way the employees communicate with their clients. When I had a problem and turned to the customer service, they took much less time than I was expecting to provide a solution for my problem..

Pricing: Basecamp offers a free trial, pricing starts at $99 per month for unlimited users.

1. Good customer service1. Occasional lack in user experience
2. Intuitive task management


Now that you know more about the benefits team task management software has to offer, as well as the different options that are available to you and your team, it’s time to decide which one you want to use.

weekdone team compass team dashboard graphs view
Team Compass

Of all the software options outlined above, Team Compass is a great fit for almost any business. Team Compass helps you and your team members set long-term goals and break them down into manageable tasks. It simplifies the process of conducting weekly reviews, too, so you can check in with your workers and give them additional guidance to ensure they complete tasks on time and remain productive.

As an added bonus, you can try Team Compass for free! Free 15-day trial for three users without the need of a credit card.