Inject a dose of fun and a breath of fresh air into the daily 9-to-5 lifestyle.

In our daily office grind, we disguise ourselves as Clark Kents and Bruce Waynes. Let's rip off these gray suits and reveal the real Superheroes at work. Continue reading

Imagine a scenario: You call a team meeting to discuss yet another crucial aspect of the company's marketing campaign or selling strategy. You get a response from your team members, open the email and find one beautifully designed poster, something... Continue reading

Happy Halloween to everyone! Wallace, our mustached mascot agreed to wear a seasonal costume in celebration of the holiday (call it Halloween, Samhain or just Saturday). Click on the image to download the desktop wallpaper (1920 x 1200): Click the... Continue reading

Get some cake for the office because in Canada, the States and Lithuania, it is the National Boss Day. The holiday commemorates good leadership and here at Weekdone, we thrive to help leaders be better leaders, so this day certainly... Continue reading