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Are you looking for a goal-setting framework that would align your company, department or team? Well, for your convenience, the Objectives and Key Results goal setting method makes sure everyone is connected so everyone works together in a unified direction. Basically, OKRs make sure that everyone knows what's expected of them. Here's how to get started with OKRs.

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The two most common questions we get from OKR first timers are “what are OKRs?” and “how to get started?” We prepared a visual infographic guide below. There, you will find the following:

What are OKRs and How to Get Started from Weekdone.com
    • Objectives and Key Results definition
    • OKR benefits described by each level of the company
    • Examples of great Objectives and Key Results
    • OKR wall of fame – companies that successfully use OKRs
    • OKR hierarchy and alignment
    • Keys to OKRs success
    • OKR checklist – how to get started guide
    • How to get your team on board?
  • OKR templates and tools

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