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We have tried our best to make weekly reporting easy and informative for the managers and employees. Like many other organizations today, we also work remotely, depending on must-have online tools like Weekdone, Skype and Google Docs.

In addition, some of our awesome users tackle the challenge of getting things done via remote teams. Just read how AgoraPulse was able to go remote and develop a great global SaaS company.

Richard Branson on remote teams

Addressing the issue of remote working, Richard Branson gave some food for thought in an article published in Entrepreneur:

"If you are a business leader and your team is primarily working from home or locations other than the office, keep watch to make sure that they are collaborating – your employees should not be just a list of email addresses or instant-messaging contacts. If you need to jump-start your team, events like hack days, conferences and outrageous parties can help people get to know each other and find creative solutions to problems."

Whether you are using Weekdone for managing and communicating with your team or just e-mails, make sure there is enough collaboration. Get together every now and then, get to know each other and find great tools that make your already challenging life a little bit easier. As a consolation, you won't have to avoid these office distractions to get work done.