11 Best Goal Setting Software: 2022 Review

We’re well into 2022 at this point in the year — how well are you and your team doing when it comes to achieving your annual business goals?

Most of us start the year off with great intentions and ambitious plans for our teams. As the months go on, though, it’s easy to get bogged down by everyday tasks and responsibilities and forget about the big picture.

This is where goal-setting software can come in handy.

In this guide, we’ll break down some of the best goal-setting software options that can help you and your team set — and stick to — your company objectives and goals. We’ll also share some tips to help you improve your goal-setting process to see better results.   

Best Company Goal Setting Software

This list features 11 of the top goal-setting software options on the market today: 

1. Weekdone

Best For: Small and medium-sized businesses to implement and use OKRs

Goal-setting software: Weekdone


Weekdone provides managers and team members with access to one of the best OKR (Objectives and Key Results) tracking and goals management solutions.

The Weekdone OKR software is designed to align your company and create actionable plans that deliver real results and help you achieve your OKR goals. 

3 Key Features

  • OKR Linking: Helps to align company and team Objectives with the Key Results;
  • OKR Hierarchy View: Helps users easily visualize the company's OKRs and their alignment across the entire organization;
  • OKR Progress Dashboard: View statistics about Objectives and Key Results to monitor team and individual progress.

Pricing Plans

Weekdone is free for up to 3 team members. It also comes with a 14-day free trial for all new users.

2. BetterWorks

Best for: Global enterprises with large teams

Goal-setting software: Betterworks


BetterWorks is a company goal-setting software that aims to close the loop between “people, strategy, and results.” It offers performance management and goal-setting tools to align global enterprises and set them up for long-term success.

Many big-name companies use BetterWorks for its performance management and OKR software, including Hulu, Kroger, and FedEx.

3 Key Features

  • Performance Management: Helps to drive better performance with continuous coaching, feedback, and recognition;
  • OKRs and Goals: Align the entire workforce and provide more clarity around top priorities;
  • Employee Engagement: Build trust and collect feedback.

Pricing Plans

Prices start at $2 per user per month for teams of 5 to 250 people. Larger teams should contact BetterWorks for pricing information.

3. 15Five

Best for HR teams

Goal-setting software: 15Five


15Five describes itself as a holistic performance and engagement solution for modern human resources leaders. If you’re looking for an effective goal tracking software specifically designed for your HR team, 15Five might be the perfect solution.

3 Key Features

  • Performance Management: Track team performance and monitor trends over time;
  • OKRs: Maintain goal alignment and ensure everyone focuses on the organization’s overarching Objectives;
  • Employee Engagement: Gather insights into employee engagement and monitor trends over time. 

Pricing Plans

Plans start at $4 per user per month and range up to $14 per user per month. 

4. Goalscape

Best for visual learners

Goal-setting software: Goalscape


Goalscape is a goal management software known for its powerful visual format.

3 Key Features

  • Visual Goal Structure: Get a clear overview of the team’s goals and progress;
  • Set Priorities: Represent each goal’s importance by changing its size, and shade it to represent the progress made;
  • Contextualizing Goals: Assign responsibilities, add tags, and add background information to contextualize information.

Pricing Plans

Goalscape offers a free two-week trial, then pricing jumps up to $8.25 per month (or $99 billed annually).

5. ClickUp

Best for: Teams that want an all-in-one solution

Goal-setting software: ClickUp


ClickUp offers a goal tracking app that’s touted as an all-in-one solution. It allows you and your team to keep everything work-related in one place — this includes tasks, documents, chats, goal-setting materials, and more. 

3 Key Features

  • Project Management: Use boards, lists, and boxes to plan and track progress;
  • Chat: Chat in real-time with team members to address issues and answer questions;
  • Goals: Connect tasks to goals and monitor progress over time.

Pricing Plans 

This goal-tracking tool is also free for teams that need storage of 100 MB or less. For unlimited storage options, pricing increases to $5-$19 per user per month — depending on the plan you choose. 

6. Friday

Best for remote and hybrid teams looking to shorten their workweeks

Goal-setting software: Friday


Friday is an app that helps remote and hybrid managers create a digital HQ for their teams. It offers management tips, a variety of productivity tools, and hacks to help them shorten their workweeks and take back their Fridays.

3 Key Features

  • Communication: Share company-wide news and announcements to keep everyone in the loop;
  • Culture: Share kudos and celebrate birthdays and other milestones remotely;
  • Directory: Get to know all team members and learn about their interests with Friday’s directory feature.

Pricing Plans

Friday comes with a free plan, as well as paid plans that range from $4 to $100+ per person per month.

7. Engagedly

Best for monitoring engagement and goals

Goal-setting software: Engagedly


Engagedly is another popular business goal tracking software worth considering. This platform is designed to help you and your team execute performance, enable development and growth for all members, and keep everyone engaged long-term.

3 Key Features

  • Performance Reviews: Gain insight into employee performance with comprehensive reviews and assessments; 
  • OKR and Goal Alignment: Align business Objectives with employee Objectives;
  • Online Learning: Encourage employee development and a growth mindset.

Pricing Plans

For this employee engagement and goal-setting program, pricing ranges from $5-$6 per user per month.

8. Lattice

Best for people-focused teams

Goal-setting software: Lattice


Lattice is a goal-setting online tool that prides itself on putting people first and creating an employee-centered company culture.

Lattice improves team performance with the help of processes like clear goal-setting, regular reviews, 1:1 meetings, feedback, and status updates. It also boosts engagement with pulse surveys and eNPS. 

3 Key Features

  • Performance Management: Conduct performance reviews and deliver feedback with productive 1:1s;
  • OKRs and Goals: Set transparent Objectives and monitor progress over time;
  • Analytics: Gain valuable people insights and turn them into action.

Pricing Plans

Pricing for Lattice starts at $9 per user per month.

9. Trakstar

Best for: HR and recruiting professionals

Goal-setting software: Trakstar


Trakstar is not just a goal-setting tool. It’s an employee performance software designed to help businesses attract, retain, and engage top-notch employees. 

3 Key Features

  • SMART Goal-Setting: Helps team members set Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals;
  • Continuous Employee Feedback: Provide ongoing insights and direction;
  • HR Appraisal: Conduct in-depth appraisals and provide real-time feedback.

Pricing Plans

Pricing information is not readily available online, but new users can get a free trial to see if they like the platform.

10. Asana

Best for free goal tracking 

Goal-setting software: Asana


Asana task management platform has a free goal tracking option included. It provides users with clear visualizations (with the help of drag and drop lists and dashboards), easier progress tracking, and goal alignment.

3 Key Features

  • Workflow Tracking: Coordinate work across various teams;
  • Timelines: Gantt charts allow for easy organization and progress tracking; 
  • Boards: View and track work with Kanban boards.

Pricing Plans

There are paid plans available — starting at $10.99 per month. However, the free version offers lots of great features that teams of all sizes can utilize. 

11. Confluence by Atlassian

Best for remote teams

Goal-setting software: Confluence


Confluence is a free employee goal-setting software and collaboration tool that helps everyone on your team to accomplish more together. It establishes one centralized space for all team members to create, collaborate, and organize their work.

3 Key Features

  • File Storage: Up to 2 GB free;
  • Unlimited Spaces: Users can create and organize as much content as they need;
  • Structured Page Tree: Page trees help to organize content.

Pricing Plans

Confluence is always free for teams of 10 or fewer. For larger teams, pricing starts at $5.50 per user.

Tips for Setting Business Goals for 2022

These tips for goal setting and tracking can help you get more out of whichever goal management software you decide to use.

  • Get everyone involved;
  • Identify top priorities (for the company and your specific team);
  • Identify Key Performance Indicators or Key Results that you’ll use to measure progress;
  • Conduct regular check-ins to ensure everyone is on the same page;

There’s no one-size-fits-all goal-setting theory that you can use to set and monitor key business goals. By following these tips, though, you can at least get your team members on the same page while you work toward better alignment.

Goal-Setting Software FAQ

There are lots of different software options you can use to set goals and keep your team goals on track. To wrap up this guide, we’ll address some best goal-setting software FAQs:

What is goal setting?

Goal setting in business is the process of identifying the desired outcome and outlining the steps that will need to be taken to achieve it.

What is goal setting software?

Goal setting software is a virtual tool that provides a variety of features to help team embers communicate and monitor progress on goals together. It offers far more than a standard goal-setting spreadsheet.

What is the best goal setting software for employees?

A quality goal setting software should be loved by both managers and employees – benefiting them with its features. Features that benefit employees will be anything that promotes: cross-team communication, regular feedback, and public recognition.

👩🏻‍💻 Check out this list of best employee goal setting software

What is a team goal setting template?

A team goal setting template provides a framework for teams to follow when it comes to setting goals, identifying key results, and measuring progress.

Using OKRs to Set Goals in Weekdone

If you’re already using OKRs as part of your business goal setting, you might be wondering why software is necessary. Can’t you just rely on manual tools like OKR spreadsheets or a worksheet to see your progress? 

For beginners, yes! However, in the long run, you’ll see better results and have an easier time getting a big picture overview of achievements on company goals when you ditch spreadsheets and begin using software.

If you’re a little nervous about putting Weekdone to the test, here are some tips that will help you get the most out of this goal management software:

  • Start with a Team Objective — a high-level, subjective goal — and link it to one of the company’s Objectives.
  • Under each Team Objective, set 3-5 Key Results – outcomes that can be measured on a scale of 0-100% or any other numerical unit ($, %, etc.).
  • Whenever you update progress on a KR, leave comments to provide insights and record lessons learned.
Goal-setting software & OKRs

Weekly OKR check-ins are a huge part of the goal-setting and tracking process. So be sure you're carving time out for these with your team. Check in, talk about progress, identify problems, and create new plans for the upcoming week. Weekdone uses the PPP methodology for status reporting to bridge your everyday tasks with quarterly OKRs!

👉 If you want to learn more about how to write OKRs – and see examples – Weekdone can help. 

Wrapping Up

Of all the goal-setting software options outlined in this guide, Weekdone is easily one of the best choices for small and medium-sized teams. With the help of this tool, you can get the most out of the OKR framework, align your team and company goals, provide ongoing feedback, and easily measure progress over time.

Want to learn more? We have several other OKR resources to help you get up to speed, including this guide on goal setting and tracking and this breakdown of OKR examples. Check them out today!