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People often ask us: can you give us examples of OKRs – Objectives and Key Results? How should I word our OKRs? How to write good OKRs? What should I put in my OKRs?

Weekdone has now over the years discussed OKRs with thousands of companies on all continents. So we thought: why not make a special site of OKR examples, giving examples of OKRs from different disciplines and work areas.

Introducing OKR Examples: okrexamples.co

To get your OKR writing juices going we did just that: created an OKR examples site listing hundreds of objectives and key results for you. It's our "How-to Guide to Writing Good OKRs with Example Objectives and Key Results".

The OKR examples site is a database of example OKRs so you can get started and write your own company, department, team, or personal OKRs.

You can see how to choose key result values and types for each OKR, so it's easy to define them later in Weekdone in case you choose that as your OKR software tool (it's free to try).

Click any of the objectives to copy it to your clipboard. Click and drag the key result progress bar to see the ranges of the key results.

We've broken them down by areas like Company OKRs, followed by:

Enjoy! Let us know in comments if you need examples also from other areas.

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