Weekdone Product Roadmap and Updates

Here you can read what team Weekdone is working on in this product roadmap. Over time we have switched from quarterly product roadmaps to more short-term (mostly monthly) design and development sprints. We're agile and review our priorities weekly. Because of that we do not currently publish long term roadmaps, as they would be deceiving. You can still find our current broad focus areas as themes below. To access this page at any time, click the version number in Weekdone's bottom right corner of the footer.

Sending product feedback

We listen to your feedback and release often, including daily bugfixes, minor versions every week and major updates monthly. Feel free to send your feature requests and improvement ideas to us at hello@weekdone.com. We're all ears for your thoughts. We also appreciate any questions.

How we work

For background information: our product design and development is built on themes. Think of themes as our customer-focused product development goals. They are the improvement areas that need focus according to your input and our research. Under each theme we define specific smaller features that make life easier for you. If you're familiar with OKRs – Objectives and Key Results – think of themes as objectives and key results under them as features.

P.S. Just like you, we also enjoy using the PPP – Plans, Progress & Problems – process internally in Weekdone team. Some of our older roadmaps in 2013-2014 were posted as PPPs.

Product Design & Development in 2020

Educate and WOW users about OKRs and Weekdone

Help Team Managers create good quality OKRs

Give Team Managers guidance and push to update Weekdone regularly

Give me, the leader, better outputs and value

Improved mobile experience

Improved navigation & visual clarification

Speed improvements

Make Weekdone fun & engaging to use

  • Done Team profile images
  • Done GIF support
  • Done Emoji shortcodes
  • Done Attachments gallery support
  • Done Dark mode & themes
  • Product Design & Development in 2019

    New in-product onboarding & learning

    People & Teams revamp

    Slack Integration

    Annual OKRs improvement

    Weekly + OKR integration

    Fun & cool

    Security improvements

    Product Design & Development in 2018

    Educate and wow me about how Weekdone works

    Get started with team and organization

    Get started with first OKRs + PPPs tree

    Give better data output to manage a team

    Make Weekdone core everyday work management tool

    Connect weekly work with quarterly goals

    Simplify UX/UI

    1:1 & Feedback

    Product Design & Development in 2017

    Here's what we've kicked off 2017 with:

    Improving dashboards, visualizing your progress

    Improve the hierarchical OKR tree

    Linking of OKRs and weekly items

    Improve input UI/UX of adding new items

    Better notifications

    Revamped single OKR page

    Humanize all texts

    Even better reports, their grouping and sorting

    Support for annual or multi-quarter OKRs

    There are also many smaller improvements we've working on and have already launched. Enjoy!

    Product Design & Development in 2016

    Our major themes and features for 2016 were:

    Delight & satisfaction for leaders and managers

    Decrease product disappointments, eliminate limitations & blockers

    Small delights & design candy 🍭

    Scale: Better usability for large accounts (1000+ users)

    Integrations: Get data easily in from other products and send notifications to them – less duplication & manual data entry

    Increase mobile usage & improve it

    Increase activation for new trial users

    Internal back-office & workflow improvements

    Like you see, a lot got done. Hope you enjoy those parts.

    Feel free to send your suggestions for improvement areas to hello@weekdone.com. Together we can make it better for you.

    Product Design & Development in 2015

    The themes and features for late 2015 were:

    Getting reports in format I need and like a.k.a. "delight for managers"

    Increased employee engagement, delight & single-user value

    Increase everyday value and engagement

    Better usability for large teams

    Decrease product disappointments

    Increase mobile usage

    Less duplication & manual work with other products (integrations)

    Easily getting reports for managers to send up to their bosses

    Our internal workflow tools improvements to serve you better

    Increase activation for new trial users

    Product Development PPP – April 2014

    Time marches on and Weekdone get's better every day. That's at least what you, our customers tell us more and more often. That always makes us happy, to see you enjoying the product. Hand in hand with you we tune and build to give you more value and less friction in your status reporting, team management and collaboration.

    Since we have not done our public PPP updates for a while, here's a list of all the major things that have been launched during last months.

    Progress – new features and improvements

    Like you can see, we have been busy. These have been just the major things, there have been tens of smaller improvements that you might have already noticed.

    Plans – what are we working on next

    What would you like to see improved or added next? Let us know in comments or at hello@weekdone.com. We love your feedback!


    Product Development PPP – January 2014

    New year is off to a great start and many new things await you, Weekdone users. So it's a good time to give you a sneak peek of our internal PPP and this month's product roadmap, as well as what has been the recent progress. We sincerely hope most of the plans below will be released in January or February the latest.


    Let us know in the comments or via e-mail what would you like to see improved or added in coming months? Our development ideas pool currently stands at around 150 ideas and requests and we always prioritize them based on feedback from you, the users. So please be vocal about your needs and wishes.


    During the last month many improvements and additions have gone live:

    All in all our issue tracker lists over 45 items released during December and early January, so we've definitely been busy.

    Last but least, our team grew to 6 people and moved to new office. All to serve you better.

    To monitor our progress, keep following us on FacebookTwitter, and Linkedin for recent developments.