Product Design & Development in 2017

Here's what we've kicked off 2017 with:

Improving dashboards, visualizing your progress

  • Done Show on graphs dynamic marker where should progress be by this date/today
  • Done Progress % based RAG colors which are dependant on date
  • Done OKR prediction compared to date in quarter (in graphs, on name header lines)
  • Done Better OKR timeline chart for objectives, 12 week graph improvements
  • Done New OKR dashboards for dept/team/person views
  • Done Improved OKR company dashboard graphs review and selection
  • Done Show OKR prediction colors also in open OKRs section for each O

Improve the hierarchical OKR tree

  • Done Improved OKR Hierarchy Tree

Linking of OKRs and weekly items

  • Done In OKR linking modal show your own personal OKRs first at the top
  • Done OKR linking modal improvements to make it more convenient
  • Done Easier access to OKR linking in weekly report / your form
  • Done When PPP item is already linked to objective, and moving item to Done, ask how much KR progress to update
  • Done Other linking improvements

Improve input UI/UX of adding new items

  • Done Better +Add … input placeholders and hints
  • Done Add KR type selection dropdown (currencies, units etc) to KR editing modal
  • Done Styling improvements for any input and edit actions

Better notifications

  • Done More & better notifications and reminders

Revamped single OKR page

  • Done Single objective page improvements
  • Done Add OKR changes & actions history feed to single objective subpage

Humanize all texts

  • Done So much we can improve in texts and microcopy!

Even better reports, their grouping and sorting

  • Done Better report showing PPPs and OKRs together on same page
  • Done Offer more filtering and grouping in report views and filters

Support for annual or multi-quarter OKRs

  • Done As it's not part of OKR best practices, we've not made a final decision yet, but are considering it

There are also many smaller improvements we've working on and have already launched. Enjoy!