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For employees filling out their weekly report might be easy. It only demands them to think about the week, what got done and what still needs to be done.

weekly report 3 stepts to failure

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So, weekly report is easy to fill out? Yes.

Does it automatically ensure maximum benefit? No.

Weekdone team has tried so hard to make the process of weekly reporting fun and easy. There are number of tips on how to generate a stunning visual dashboard, set company and team objectives, plan weekly etc.

There are still certain steps that decrease the value of weekly reports.  Our experience shows that these steps are taken too often.

You want to know the recipe to failure so you could learn from other' s mistakes? Here you go:

1. Marking down every single plan that got done in the previous week. Let' s be honest, managers don' t need to know about each individual letter that was sent out or each bathroom break that was taken. What is more, writing down individual tasks takes probably more time than actually doing them. I bet even you have them in your team, the ones that feel the need to write everything down.

What helps? Structure helps. Let them know what your expectations are and guide them with few questions or notes.

2. Giving no feedback whatsoever. You might be surprised how much feedback your employees really expect from you. There are many people that have switched their job just because they did not get any feedback. Without it, soon, motivation will fall and employees are left wondering.

What helps? Feedback, feedback, feedback… Give guidance, direction and give it now. Each week, after the submission deadline of weekly reports, reflect and give personal feedback. "Good job Mary" does not cut it.

3. 10 hours of planning and 1 hour of acting. Planning is important but planning itself does not get things done. The chances are that your employees are doing something for the greater cause. Nobody wants to deal with unimportant meaningless tasks.

What helps? Let people see that the plans they make really do produce results. This will motivate them achieve even more the next week.

Weekly reporting should be much more than annoying obligation. The results improve the moment you start planning the week wisely, give feedback to your employees and act according to your plans. The easiest way to track the plans, progress and problems is with weekly reporting tools.