How to Scale Your Startup with Ambitious Goals

Even when your goal is to just run a 3-people team, somewhere in your mind is the hope it will become the next Google.

Short-Term Business Goals Examples

Setting short-term business goals is even harder as they must be very clear, practical, and easily understandable for employees.

How Weekdone Fits into Your Company

Weekdone is first and foremost a goal setting tool for teams. Our aim is to help you set quarterly OKRs and track your team’s progress,

Interview with Author Christina Wodtke

Recently we conducted an interview with the renowned author and OKR coach, Christina Wodtke. Learn how she recommends to implement OKRs.

5 Benefits of Knowing Employees’ Status with Weekly Reporting

You don’t need to micromanage and know every single thing that your team is working on (doing this would consume all of your time). With weekly reporting, you'll know the status of your projects. %

How to Implement Weekdone in Your Team

Implementing a new goal setting methodology and getting your employees to adapt a new software is never an easy process. That is why our customer success team here at Weekdone is ready to help you every step of the way.

3 Strategies to Implement OKRs in Your Team

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a great goal setting methodology for businesses. Here is how you can implement OKRs in your company.

Real-Time Employee Performance Reports

Learn more about why employee perforamce reports are important and how you can automate such reporting to save you time as a manager.

How to Handle Internal Communications Efficiently With OKRs

There are many theories on how internal communications can be handled in an organisation. What all theories agree on, however, that it is leader’s responsibility to make sure, employees have a clear overview of what is going on and what is expected from them.

How To Make Sure Your Goals Have Impact?

There is a misunderstanding that goals are the most important aspect of both personal life and business. If you achieve your goals, you win at life. But goals are just what we use to measure our progress towards the end results. It’s what the goals represent that is important.