Internal Communication, Collaboration & Teamwork

No great company succeeds without investing into team collaboration, open and transparent communication and teamwork.

Nowadays, we can see the effects of that finding as 77% of companies are adopting collaboration software to a great or moderate extent. o help you find the best collaboration tool for your company, we’ve made a short list of some apps you might want to check out. Continue reading

Managing remote teams can be tricky. It is harder to connect with people and understand their needs. A lack of face-to-face time makes it difficult for employees to work as a team. We’ve checked out some tools to help bring the best out of remote teams. Here is a list of the best ones. Continue reading

Employee engagement should be a very important metric to all managers and leaders. Engagement increases productivity, workplace happiness and gives you a defying edge over your competitors. Employee engagement comes down to satisfaction If your workforce is happy, they are... Continue reading

Employee engagement is very important, yet sometimes overlooked stat for all companies. Engaged employees increase productivity, are more satisfied with their job and increase your company's public image. For that alone, every manager should work hard to keep employee engagement... Continue reading