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Read the latest tips for business leaders, from goal setting and weekly reporting to team management and productivity.

OKR - Objectives & Key Results

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a popular method for setting and sharing goals, objectives and measurable results.

Progress Reporting & Team Status Updates

How do the best leaders facilitate open and transparent communication in their teams? Using progress reporting and team status updates.

Team Leadership & Management

You can be the best leader in the world. Whether you're a first-time team manager or a seasoned leader, read how it's done.

Internal Communication, Collaboration & Teamwork

No great company succeeds without investing into team collaboration, open and transparent communication and teamwork.

PPP - Plans, Progress, Problems

Plans, Progress & Problems (PPP) is the best-known way to share weekly team status updates, goals, and accomplishments.

Telecommuting & Working From Home

Remote teams and distributed telecommuters are more common than ever. Here's how to do it really well.

Productivity, Time Management & Efficiency

All about improving team performance and achieving better productivity. Uncover the hidden ways to be more focused and efficient.

Effective Meetings & Meeting Planner

Running better meetings and better meeting planning is one of the best ways to save time and improve productivity.

Weekdone Product & Company News

Learn all about Weekdone, the leadership and team management tool that has found it's way to many of the most successful companies.

We interviewed a number of Slack & Weekdone users to see what exactly they needed out of our Slack integration. Based on this feedback, we are streamlining the two systems to save you time and make updating your team even easier. Continue reading

Employee Engagement & Satisfaction

Tips & tricks to define, measure and improve employee engagement, happiness and satisfaction.

Customer Case Studies & Interviews

From SMEs to Fortune 500s, Weekdone is used across the world to improve team communication and productivity. Learn how it's done.


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In our daily office grind, we disguise ourselves as Clark Kents and Bruce Waynes. Let's rip off these gray suits and reveal the real Superheroes at work. Continue reading

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