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We all have a hard time with planning sometimes, so it helps to keep a similar checklist in mind. Dumb Little Man (a blog giving tips on life) gives us this wonderful list on the theme, with an easy list of do's and dont's:

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  1. Do identify specific triggers because it's what the brain understands and it leads to action.
  2. Do have flexibility – it lets you execute your plans even when "life happens."


  1. Don’t plan uncontrollable activities
  2. Don’t mentally cycle through ideas and fail to write them down.
  3. Don’t let perfectionism delay important tasks

So, plan like this:

  1. Focus on things you can control
  2. Write ideas down to get them out of your head
  3. Shun perfectionism in favor of doing-somethingism.

Add your plans to the dedicated Weekdone form section, keep them in an open browser tab during your week and tick off things you did.

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